Werewolf night

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Hi all! If you're here, you must understand English! I've maked this rubric, because I love England and I've got boyfriend from Scotland! ;)

So...hi people, that like strange stories and werewolfs. This is NOT real, it's (my) fan made (I love werewolfs).
So...I was always strange. I had black nails, black hair, I've weared dog collars. Just emo. I have lived night life. At daylight, I've slept in school, but at night, I was listening to metal, so everyone in my village must know me. I was delinquent. And my parents started to hate me. So they have sended me on University. HORROR! Everyone there was just....DIFFERENT from me. But once, our teacher said we will have prom. So I've weared red dress with cross on breasts. But there was too much of people. SO MUCH! I was getting sick. I must escape. Quickly! I thinked. So I have runned to the nearby forest. Whew! It was alright there. But...I had th feeling...feeling someone is watching me. So...my instincts tolds me to run, so I runned...but still! Someone is verry fast! I started to run REALLY fast as I can, but....STOP! Someone was...standing before me....I was scared. REALLY scared. It was...horrible...Someone stooping, with coat standed in front of me! I really started to panic. Panic....PANIC! I screamed of my panic...this was only I can do. But it....it looked on me. Its eyes was red, full of pain. "I am sorry...." Said that thing, "really sorry....I can't do anything...." it said it and...hacked to me. BANG! "The thing" has falled in front of my legs...A....boy standed before me, and....then....I've falled, too...Nothing...Cold...Pain...
"Uuhh....ummmm....what....where...where am I...?" I've asked when I get up from the "nightmare". But only thing I've seened were...irons on my hands and my body....OH MY GOD!!! MY BODY HAS COAT! Shhh....it's....it's nothing, only a dream.... "Hey! Who are you, beast?! And what do u want here?!" Asked head teacher of the University. "M-Me...? I... I am...I don't know..." I whimpered. "Tss! I know what are you... you are beast...you are...WEREWOLF!" Roared head teacher on me. "And now, you will be murdered! You are too dangerous for our university." "NO! PLEASE! NO! IT'S ME! EVENGEL!" I roared on him. " And now....you're lying...kill it....MURDER IT!!!" So I was devoted to my fate-death.
"Shh. Hey! You! Evenegel!" someone said to me. "Who....who is talking?" "Oh...So-sorry." Someone said and from the window on the wall in front of me performed...small werewolf! It was only pup. "My name is Grey. I am the youngest from my pack." Said pup and asked me then: "And you're Evengel, aren't you...?" "Ye-yes I am...but soon I'll not be. They will kill me." I answered his question. "Hah! No, they'll not, if I save you!" Said Grey and giggled on me.
One minute later... "And now...you're safe." said Grey and smiled on me. "C-can I trust you?" "Trust you? Why?" I asked. "I...I want to introduce you our pack. So...you're not in any, don't you?" "No, I'm not." I answered his questions and followed him to the dark forest....
it was really long way (really long, when you can't run in those legs. Believe me.) but we were finally there. On beautiful place, named..."home"....

"And who's this?!" asked one werewolf, maybe alpha of the pack. "This is Evengelin. I've saved her from the irons in university." said Grey. "Hmmmm....and why did you saved her...?" asked alpha werewolf. "She...she's so beautiful..." said Grey and I smiled shyly when I heard that. For your information, I looked like...this

"Hm...you...you've got true. She's beautiful. Ok, are you in any pack?" asked me Alpha. "N-no...I'm not, I'm in this form for first." "Great! So....do you want to be in our...?" asked me alpha. "I...I mean of course!" "Hmh. So, my name is Yordane. I'll introduce you to others. This is Maddison
"Nice to meet ya!" said Maddison.
"This is Fenrir, but bewarem he's...you can see, he can kill me, if he want, but I am still alpha. So lucky."
"Tss...nice to meet you, kitty!" said Fenrir and looked into my eyes. "I'm not kitty, I'm werewolf, if you can't see." (HAH! I killed him. He finally stoped in talking about his strength :D)
"Ehm. And this is...this is the worsest slob in our pack. It's sad, he's my son. Gideon." said Yordane and showed me his son. He was so...beautiful...I loved him on our first met!
"Hi. Nice to meet you. But you haven't got any pack name. Evengelin is human name." "Same as yours, Gideon." (HAH! Again, if someone's got problem with my name, just show him his name! :D) "Hahah." Laughed Gideon. "That's true!" He's so cute! And beautiful! Just...perfect.... "Ehm, sorry for stoping your discusion, but we must do ritual. We can't have you in our pack, when you don't do it!" said Yordane.
Next moment was just beautiful! Gideon helped me in "painting" on me. Yes. Painting. They had some strange colour, that shined in dark. But it was beautiful. (And Gideon too! :D). This night will be perfect. I know it.
Ye! I'm in their pack. And then...I was alone, in front of some lake. Singing my favorite song, And not metal! It was lullaby that my mom singed when I was young. Ooooh I miss her so much! Her beautiful voice.... "Kimi wo...suki ni natte...dorekurai tatsu no kana...." "Kimochi fukurande yuku bakari de..." Gideon walked and sitted next to me. "You...know this song...?" I asked him. "Yes. I know it, because my mom singed it to me when I was young." "Really? My mom too!" I said to him, surprised with his answer. So we singed there next minute. But..."Kimochi...fukurandie..." "Haha, fukurandie!" I laughed, when Gideon maked error in the text. "It's fukurande." I said and then we....looked in our eyes...and the sun waked up....we changed back into people...god....he was so...beautiful...those green eyes and blond hair....our lips....were closer and closer.....and we...maked kiss....Then we live together, in our pack and Gideon is alpha of the pack. This was my story, how did I becomed werewolf, not in every story with werewolfs must be action. I hope you enyoed this story ;)

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